The first Hungarian workshop for numismatics, part of outstanding importance of the cultural heritage, was created in 1777 in the Faculty of Humanities of our University. A new tradition was created by the professors, honoring this event, organizing the Conference of Young Numismatists for the first time in 2018. Following the success, the next conference was organized in 2019 by Jósa András Museum, Nyíregyháza. (The venue is alternately ELTE, Budapest and a regional museum with a considerable numismatic collection.)

Numismatics has a special situation in Hungary, as until now, young researchers could give lectures only in interdisciplinary conferences. We wish to form a community of professionals missing until now, where young researchers can get help from senior experts. The aim of the Conference is on the one hand to provide opportunity for entry-level researchers, on the other hand to promote their professional development, and furthermore to make known the latest research results.

Anyone is welcome to present a paper, who is an academic in the field of numismatics, has completed BA and is under the age of 40 till the date of the Conference. Applications and abstracts can be sent, and a scientific committee decides concerning the acceptance of the applications.

Applicants from abroad are welcome!